At Pursuit Lodge we believe that our careers need to be authentic and representative of who we are as people.  When our careers feel aligned on a personal level, it’s easy to become the go-to person because we are passionate about what we do.

We honor our values in everything we do, and we strive to provide valuable and honest services, with clarity and integrity every step of the way.

We also look for ways to give back to our community, and we hope those that benefit from our services will “pay it forward.”

As part of our values to give back, 10% of our client slots have been allocated to work with people who pay on a sliding scale because we want to help as many people as we can, and we don’t want the price to be a barrier for clients who are ready to take their careers to the next level.

We also donate 10% of our profits to charity. In 2017, we have committed this money to benefit because our family, friends, and communities have been affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


At Pursuit Lodge we take pride in providing our clients with bespoke solutions.

We can tailor our services and packages to meet your specific needs.

We believe what sets us apart from other coaching firms is our extensive personal experience working in corporate environments.

Collectively, we have worked as:

  • External Recruiters – working for a recruiting firm, searching for talent and presenting it to the hiring company looking to fill a position
  • In-House Recruiters – working in the HR department of a company looking for talent to bring into vacant roles
  • Trainers– teaching a particular skill-set and grooming high-potential employees to progress into roles of increased responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness Specialists– focused specifically on training and promoting “minority” populations within an organization
  • HR Generalists– working inside corporations of all sizes coaching employees and managers on work-related issues
  • Individual Contributor Positions– getting things done through influence when working with no direct reports
  • Managers and Executives– Leading teams across different geographies to build capability and deliver results that positively impact the bottom line
  • Entrepreneurs– transitioning outside of the corporate environment, translating experience into a consulting service
  • Outplacement Coaches– working with staff and executives on career transition after a layoff
  • Reorganizations– managing talent needs during reorgs, mergers, and acquisitions to leverage existing skills while minimizing disruption to the business

This insider experience enables us to provide practical solutions to our clients, whether you are individual looking for your next job, someone working to expand and grow your career, or a company looking to grow your talent.

Packages Available

Our coaching and consulting services are delivered virtually (via phone or Skype), so location is never a problem.

We have some packages outlined below but we can always customize a package to meet your needs.


single coaching or consulting hour
  • One 60-minute Coaching or Consulting session via phone or skype (client’s choice) to discuss any topics related to job search
  • Topics may include:
  • documentation (resume, cover letter)
  • online presence (LinkedIn profile, etc.)
  • interview preparation
  • offer negotiation
  • networking
  • mindset
  • work life balance
  • marketability
  • job search strategy
  • promotions


portfolio review
  • This package is perfect for the do-it-yourself professional who wants to ensure their job search portfolio is cohesive and competitive.
  • This package includes:
  • Our expert review of your current resume (up to 2 pages)
  • Review of your cover letter/executive package
  • Review of your LinkedIn profile
  • A detailed voice recording providing you feedback on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
  • One 60-minute follow-up session, over the phone or Skype, to get additional feedback about your documents, clarify any points that were unclear on the review, discuss strategy, and anything else related to the job search process.
  • Please note this package does NOT include a resume/cover letter/profile write or re-write.
  • Package valued at $825


interview preparation
  • This package is perfect for you if you feel your portfolio (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile) are on point but want to develop your interview skills to gain a competitive edge.
  • This package includes:
  • A mock interview (up to 60 minutes)
  • Interview feedback and practice (up to 60 minutes)
  • Interview preparation for an upcoming interview (up to 60 minutes)
  • PDF document outlining interviewing best practices and frequently asked questions
  • All meetings will be conducted over the phone or Skype, based on the Client’s preference.
  • Package valued at $1,100


intensive coaching & consulting package
  • Our most comprehensive and intensive package is perfect for individuals looking to make a significant change in their career, for example, shifting careers or industries, or reentering the workforce after an extended absence.
  • In this package you will get:
  • One 60-minute Foundational Session
  • Seventeen 45-minute one-on-one  Coaching or Consulting sessions
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • This package will be completely customized to the Client’s needs, based on Foundational session.
  • A sample plan may look like this:
  • Session 1: Foundational session, goals, etc.
  • Sessions 2-3: Assesment
  • Sessions 4-6: Documentation Review (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.)
  • Sessions 7-9: Mindset
  • Sessions 10-13: Networking
  • Sessions 14-15: Interview Preparation
  • Session 16-18: Salary negotiation, addressing multiple offers, transitioning into the new role, etc.
  • Additional sessions may be added by the Client at a discounted rate of $225/hour.
  • We recommend at least one session per week, but frequency can be determined by Client, pending Coach’s calendar availability.
  • All package components expire after 24 weeks.
  • Please note this package does NOT include a resume/cover letter/profile write or re-write.
  • Package valued at $7,150
Add on: Additional Consulting or Coaching Hour.......... $250.00

An option to add a 60-minute phone or Skype session with Jean or Karl to discuss any Career Coaching or Consulting topic to the Maple, Pear or Cedar package above.

Add on: Resume (re-write or from scratch) .......... Starts at $800

This Package is available to current and previous Clients and it includes:

  1. A detailed questionnaire completed by the Client detailing their experience and accomplishments
  2. A resume draft presented to the Client based on questionnaire
  3. A follow-up call to further clarify and edit the resume
  4. A second revised version presented to the Client for their review
  5. The option to get a third revision, in case any other items need adjustment.
  6. A final electronic version of the resume provided to the Client, in both Word and PDF if requested



* Price listed refers to a standard one-page or two-page resume.

* This includes a maximum of three revisions as outlined.

* Package expires 30 days after purchase.


Add on: Cover Letter.......... $150

This add-on is available to current and previous Clients and it includes:

  1. A simple questionnaire completed by the Client detailing their goal with this correspondence
  2. A Cover Letter draft presented to the Client for their review
  3. A second and final revised Cover Letter based on e-mail feedback from the Client after the first version.
  4. A final electronic version of the letter provided to the Client, in both Word and PDF if requested

This includes a maximum of two revisions as outlined.

Package expires 30 days after of purchase.


Add on: Linked In Profile.......... $300

Available to Clients who have purchased a Resume Package, and includes:

  1. Creating or updating Linked In profile content to highlight most important accomplishments
  2. Data can be updated directly to the platform or can be provided via a Word document


* This includes a maximum of two revisions if requested by Client.

* Package expires 30 days after purchase.